Returning to Education and Continued Healing (REACH)

Programs that assist children in their return to school after a period of absence (generally from injury or illness) are called “school re-entry programs.”  School plays an important role in a child’s social development, adjustment, peer relationships, and overall well-being.  Children who have suffered a burn injury or condition causing visible differences may need extra support when returning to school.  Experience has proven that there are many benefits to having parents, children, families, schools, and hospital teams work together to facilitate a child’s return to school.  Through this partnership, health and psychological issues that may arise from an injury, illness, or different appearance can be dealt with to successfully support a child’s return to school.

REACH is a unique school re-entry program that can be utilized for children of any age from pre-school through high school.  It can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of each student.  REACH provides information and tools necessary for parents and school personnel to assist a child returning to their school and community after a burn injury or illness.