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Burn Injury Awareness Weekend

Burn Survivor Education and Support Workshop:

Recovery from a burn injury can be a life-long journey that requires dealing with many difficult physical, emotional, and psychological issues. A severe burn injury can cause lifestyle changes and impact one's entire family. On May 31, Burn Injury Awareness Weekend kicked off with a free educational workshop for burn survivors and their family members. The Burn Survivor Education and Support Workshop provided information on tools for thriving, healing the mind and spirit after injury, new research on burn care, and scar/therapeutic massage.

Save the date! The Burn Survivor and Family Workshop will take place on Saturday, March 28, 2015 at Weber's Inn in Ann Arbor. The workshop will be hosted by the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, University of Michigan Trauma Burn Center, and Detroit Medical Center's Burn Centers at Children's Hospital of Michigan and Detroit Receiving. Additional details and registration information to come soon!

Burn Injury Awareness Walk and Safety Fair:

Each year in the United States, 450,000 burn injuries occur that are serious enough to require medical attention. Burns are difficult and challenging injuries, and they can have a life-long impact. The suffering caused by burns is made even more tragic by the fact that can be prevented. The Second Annual Burn Injury Awareness Walk and Safety Fair had a great turnout with over two hundred people in attendance. After the walk, a safety education fair and picnic offered fun, fellowship, and activities for all ages. Save the date: the Burn Injury Awareness Walk and Safety Fair will take place on Sunday, June 7, 2015 at Wiard's Orchard in Ypsilanti.


Burn Injury Awareness Public Service Announcement Contest:

Education and promoting best practices in fire safety can have a direct impact on preventing burn injuries. Congratulations to the students of Maltby Middle School in Brighton for winning First Place in the Public Service Announcement Contest!



The University of Michigan Trauma Burn Center would like to acknowledge the following for their contributions to Burn Injury Awareness Weekend:

Workshop Guest Speakers: Tanya Berenz, OT, Kristy Brown, CMT, Dr. Nancy Merbitz, Jayne Mollard, OT, Pam Peterson, BSN, Tiffany Williams, OT, and Dr. Stewart Wang.

Grand Marshal: Ron Savage, Fox 2 News Anchor.

Partner Organizations and Booth Vendors: Amber Kroeker with Mott Children's Hospital Pediatric Trauma Injury Prevention & Safe Kids, Phoenix Society SOAR Program, Sparky the Fire Safety Dog (Les & Sue Wedge), Therapaws, Survival Flight, Trauma Burn Center Injury Prevention, Trauma Burn Center Aftercare Programs, & Ypsilanti Township Fire Department.

Volunteers: Ellen Abramson, Linda Annesley, Deb Birchie, Tracy and Chris Larusso, Pam and Tony Pucci, Danny Stricker, and UH PACU nurses.

Sponsors: Attorneys Bonnie Sawusch, Steve Weston, Deborah Palmer now at Varnum.

Event Planners/Coordinators: Kate Stricker and Karla Klas.

A special thanks to all of the dedicated Trauma Burn Center staff and volunteers that contributed to this effort!

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